In Celebration of the Power of Love

The ART of DiNo and dART is now offering Special Wedding related Artworks designed to make Your Wedding as memorable, beautiful and Magical As Possible.

Here are the Many Offerings we can provide in order to add even more Color and Power to your Love on your Perfect day.

Our Art Gems come in circle or oval shapes of silver or bronze like Pendants. They easily attach to a variety of sized necklaces, or bracelets that can be color coordinated to match your Wedding decorations. They look Great with a tasteful string, or an affordable chain, and fit comfortably in little individually bags with ties on them. You can even choose the color of the bags.

Everyone gets a gem at their table that can be strategically placed, or left to destiny for some amazing coincidences. They can even be used for seating and table assignments. The possibilities are endless, and you can choose from a wide variety of topics, subjects and images to ensure that your friends and family truly feel the Magic of the evening.

ALL Art is beautifully positive, and Happy, and ideal for all ages and peoples of All cultures.


and we can cater to your event to come up with the perfect little gifts for your honored Wedding Guests.

We even offer sealed and lockable wooden Gift boxes for Envelopes and other small gifts. We hand-make the wooden box, typically about a square foot in size, and then paint something unique on it. This provides the Wedding couple with a lockable box that serves as an Art Memory and will last forever. After the wedding it becomes a great way to store the cards and other memorable wedding nostalgia. You can give us ideas for the painting and we will create something unique and beautiful to match your wedding setting.

We also dabble in the graphic arts and ended up designing our own Invitations, Dinner Cards, and Thank You Cards. Our Artwork can provide the basis for YOUR cards as well. You can scan our websites...

and find which Artworks and images you would like to use. We will create something unique and perfect to your size and quality specifications.

Even the Cards become a work of Art.

And for the ULTIMATE in LOVE Mandala ARTWORKS for Weddings. We present the Love Mandala and eARTh of Love...

These two mandalas were drawn by diNo and dART and serve as Incredible Gifts for any couple about to embark on a lifelong adventure of Love and Marriage.

The Love Mandala features over 75 symbols of Love throughout Space and Time on eARTh and beyond.

You can find out more here..

eARTh of Love mandala features many Animal families and couples expressing Love in their own unique and beautiful ways within Nature. Perfect for future Families.

Find out more here..

To Specialize the Occasion in an absolutely timeless and extremely limited edition way...


You send us a picture and we can place you INTO our Mandalas. Then we can print them, sign them, and frame them (if you would like) and send it out anywhere.

This is a truly unique opportunity that will be cherished for generations.

Marriage is an Artform,

Celebrate it and Enrich it with

every moment!

If ANY of these ideas sound Great to you, or you have another idea..

Feel Free to EMAIL us and we will figure it out and help to make your wedding and future of Love.. PERFECT.

-diNo and dART

781690 3081

We can even customize