TRUMP and the Political ARToons of diNo from 2016 onward... Bottom of Page has 2020 ARTS


Here is a collection of ARTS inspired by the Political Climate surrounding the 2016 election. These were some of my weapons of ART spread online to combat the MANY wrongs i was witnessing. Here they are with some brief descriptions, feel free to Share. This is also for the TRUMPS!


Ironically, i believed in Obama in 2008. He dooped me, big time. It took about 3 months for me to realize the error of my ways, and that his intentions were not as pure as i had HOPE’d. He divided, at our most united moment and used our goodness to elect himself through immense lies and propaganda. I knew this somehow when i drew him after he was elected. Even when i thought i liked him, my Art mind told me otherwise. This Obama drawing is the only original Artwork i have ever lost intentionally. I don’t care about it at all. There is not one other drawing i feel this way about.

WE THE PEOPLE was created after Obama’s government shutdown of 2014? Another useless stunt by the worst president in America’s history. So this shows how WE THE PEOPLE, needed TRUMP.


shows the omnipotent Power of TRUTH and it’s inability to be defeated, no more how many LIES and $$$ get thrown towards it. People inevitably escape the propaganda and TRUTH shines through. The Media truly showed how corrupt and vile they were during the election, beyond, and for many years before. They must be bankrupted so that TRUTH may end ALL the lies.


an homage to Mortal Kombat as Trump and KILLARY were set for the 3rd and final debate. What an intense time. Even with her getting the questions ahead of time, she was NO match for the Mind of TRUMP. Soon, he will Lock Her Up for her immense crimes against Humanity worldwide.

A Political ARToon spinning Mandala.

The Weight of the LAW is about to put H in Jail.. forever.. The arrow from her slogan always swoops downwards in my Art. Towards Hell, where HER friend Satan resides... the Satanist agenda pushed in the media, is disgusting and must be eliminated.. JUSTICE must be served upon all of these criminals who have been plotting the End of America, their entire lives... Sad but true.


She represents WAR and the War Machine. HER friends were Kissinger and other War MONSTERS. Thankful every single day that she did not win.


I had enough of these useless Wars, since birth. As Obama continued to wage war after war, disrupting the lives of MILLIONS, i continued to be shocked that anyone could support him and his actions. The war machine must be grinded to a halt, and the droning of innocent people should NEVER be done. We in America have no fear of drones, but to those who constantly live in fear of death from above at ANY moment... i have incredible sympathy for you.. No one should have to fear drones. There should be no drones. The 44th president droned more than anyone, and bragged about it. Disgusting.


this shows the demise of the Media establishment and the Democratic Party. The media monsters swirl around the toilet, inevitably finding their home amongst the other forms of waste, trash and feces. Trump reaches from the top of Trump tower to pull the old fashioned toilet chain and Flush em ALL down. The Fox stands on the end, confused of what to do. The workers and WE THE PEOPLE at the bottom are letting their voice be heard. The media is VERY responsible for the Hate, Racism, and Division that is negatively affecting some of the American population. New TRUTH based media, must restore journalistic integrity, before it is too late. But these organizations should all be bankrupt. Especially NPR, they are so detrimental to the prosperity of America, and have so many people convinced they are Good. Truly sad how dominant propaganda can be when BILLIONS of dollars can be put towards it.


As Trumps Victory began to set in, Hollywood continued to meltdown. The liberal actors truly showed how corrupt, and hypocritical they can be as they condemned so many for crimes they themselves have always been guilty of. The casting couch of Harvey Weinstein was a well known ‘secret’ kept under lock and key by those guilty of insane levels of sexual deviance. Movies have been political tirades of late, and have lost much of the Artform of cinema. No one wants to see these uninformed LOSERS speak on issues they know nothing about and are totally isolated from. The downfall and eradication of Hollywood is essential, and so is the RENAISSANCE!


this Mandala serves to combat the War on Symbols that we are all facing. For many years, beautiful and ancient symbols have been hijacked by those who choose to corrupt them. This is the TRUE symbol of Peace since Ancient times, the one we have come to known is upside down, and inverted. So instead of the human/tree of life extending branches to the beyond, the limbs are broken and the man is upside down, and trapped. We have ALL been dooped. This systemic corruption of Archetypes and symbologies, is poisoning us without anyone knowing. This Art will restore the proper Power to this ancient Wonderful symbol of Humanity’s true potential for PEACE.


I began to see truly how epic of a Battle has been waging since possibly the dawn of time. For years, like many, i was convinced this was all an illusion or fairy tale type situation...  It is very real. Those who associate with EVIL, have a LOT of Money. So much that they can corrupt the masses through means of culture, art, music, propaganda and more. I believe ALL humans are born Good. There is no inherent Evil in us, and they know this. So they dedicate their lives to filling us with negativity, depression, and sadness to hide our true MIRACLES of Life. The Gods are on OUR side.. always have been, always will be.


This was prompted as Trump was elected, and based on his comments about restoring health to the land, waters and Nature of eARTh. This is a complex topic because so much disinformation is flowing around about Trump and his war on the environment. I believe that Humans have been polluting eARTh for FAR too long, well before Trump. To blame him, is ignorant. I also believe many of the mainstream concerns, pale in comparison to the chemical dumpings within our soils, and waters, often by experimental ‘science.’ We must go back to the sustainable methods of the Ancients, and restore the soil, grow fresh ORGANIC crops, and live happily and healthily forever.

NATIVE Zero Dollar Bill

This was to show that a true economy of Happiness with ones self, costs NOTHING. With all the materialism, it is always good to remember that Nature and many of the best miracles of life, are Free.

Viva Las Vegas

This was taken in Las Vegas during the end of the Obama Era/ERROR. This clearly shows how badly the economy was struggling at the time. Vegas was hurting, and different than i had ever seen it before. I bet since unemployment is now at all time lows, this man has a job, and can preserve his Nuts.


At the end of the third debate, we found Our Loving Cats in this formation. It was a sign from the Gods who created Kitties. The Cat Oracle had spoken. Believe it or not, this gave a comical insight into the divine intervention and synchronicity at play.


It continues to boggle my mind how anyone can accurately examine the past history and lives of these two individuals, and continue to be convinced that She is a saint. Her decisions have caused untold millions of deaths, and nightmares for normal people worldwide. He has a solid record, with ZERO murders. She has a notorious Clinton Kill List and her former state was known as Arkancide during her and her filthy husbands reign. Why people would ever believe the LIARS on TV, rather than research Reality for themselves, is a complete mystery to me. Everyone should educate themselves from ALL angles of information.


A tribute to Weekend at Bernies as  Hillary’s health continued to fail, yet she was trying to convince the media that Donald Trump was unhealthy and physically useless. A Classic case of Her accusing her opponents of what she is guilty of. I thought of this immediately. The skeletons in her closet, would scare anyone. The first women President will be a BILLION times more HUMAN than Her.


an idea for a TRUMP bumper sticker. Never really spread it too much, and never printed it as a sticker, but still pretty cool.

SAVE eARTh : the Guarding of eARThly Delights

My mantra and now charity... SAVE eARTh

I believe that WE all can truly restore health to Our World. I hope the secrets of Reality and Truth of Our Universe and it’s structure become known to ALL. I will continue to be a voice for the Animals of eARTh who cannot speak out against the poisoning of their home. We must protect the innocent.

The Cure for America’s Fake News Civil War

I hate pills, and have been pharmaceutical free for decades. But this red and blue pill will cure this foolish Media driven Civil War. In 2008, when Obama was elected, Black and White relations were at an all time high and everyone was getting along. Then he ruined everything and began dividing. If people turned off the TV, the propaganda would NOT penetrate the minds. But so many people are addicted to their devices, which feed them filth and Lies, while hiding Truth and distorting reality. We all must think FREELY and embrace ALL Livings Beings of eARTh. It is a very simple concept, that can cure it all.

Civil War should NEVER be an option. Ever. Anywhere. We are ALL Family.


This spinning mandala blends Black and White in perfect harmony as We all hold hands and spread the Love between one another. We are ALL Lifeforms on eARTh, no matter what color, race, gender, or even species. We are ALL on the same team and should embrace eachother’s uniqueness while striving for universal harmony. When spinning really fast, the black and white blend together to create a new and amazing vibrant greyish color. We all must UNITE to SAVE eARTh.

In response to the LIVES MATTER movements everywhere.

I placed this message above SYMBOLOGEODE, an artwork from 2012 with 115 symbols of Humanity throughout time and space. This is pretty self explanatory.


This potential ALWAYS exists. Whether we sieze the opportunity and ignore the media LIARS, is up to us as individuals. I don’t encounter enemies in my life, because i look at everyone as a potential friend, until they show me otherwise. Which hasn’t happened in years. Enemies only exist on tv, and they are the ones reporting FALSE propaganda under the Guise of ‘News.’


The Resistance movement, is only resisting the return of America. For so many years we have had our country run by corrupt corporations, until Trump restored Power to the People. The Resistance movement is nothing more than a propaganda monster of the Clinton Socialist/Communist agenda, and anyone that falls for it is being completely foolish. The RENAISSANCE resisted a Clinton takeover of America, and we are restoring Prosperity to the World, starting in America.

TREASON is coming...

There is only one punishment for Treason. And it is not good. Those who have been actively working with foreign agents to spy on us, and infiltrate, ruin and dismantle our Constitutional Government, are guilty of treason. Whether they are Hollywood actors calling for the Murder or Explosion of Government, or corrupt democrat government officials, you do the Crime, You must do the time.

There should be no double standards. There have been many traitorous cretins lurking in the FBI, CIA, Justice department, and more for far too long. These people want to see America drastically change, and fail as a country. WE THE PEOPLE will not allow it. Judgement is coming for these EVIL people, and they can only blame themselves. Lessons must be learned for the future, so this never happens again, and Truth can set us all free, forever.

The FaceBook Plague

Facebook has been a mouthpiece for the democratic party, posing as a neutral service for ALL. They are corrupt, Zuckerberg is disgustingly sinister, and everyone should migrate off of Facebook forever. FACEBOOK has ruined communications, happiness, and life for so many people, so that they can get rich off of our information and privacy. I joined Facebook in 2008 and hated it every day. I resisted the addiction, but still thought about it often. A part of me did enjoy spreading TRUTH within the walls of the ENEMY. But Once i saw ZUCK testify before congress, i immediately deleted everything. You Should too.


Don’t Login...

Simple, just don’t do it. Your happiness will increase exponentially. END FACEBOOK Now. The sooner the better. It is a corrupt CIA program, it needs to End.


This is the path to happiness. Although it is important to stay educated on what is happening, it is not important to pick a side. There are more than 2 options, and we should not fall for this clear recipe for division. TRANSCEND the political spectrum and think like a moral GOOD Human. Your soul will rejoice, constantly.


I Love Donald Trumps connection to Nikola Tesla. I believe Donald was taught very well by his uncle who was friends with Nikola. I even believe Donald was prepped for this role as a very young man, and has been creatively thinking about it his entire life. What a beautiful Creative. Trump will live on like Tesla. I also hope he ends up adopting and Freeing Tesla Technology, rather than stifling it like so many in the past.


I believe TRUMP will guide us towards an Energy revolution in this country. He knows well about Tesla’s Free energy discoveries. For many years, top scientists have been murdered, and impressive patents have been destroyed or purchased and shelved. They should be used. Whatever can create free energy, must, so we can Save eARTh. This Art is a tool for those wishing to explore various free energy methods.

FREE Your MIND is taking the place of Facebook, and preserving the beauty of individual creativity, without the spying and CIA Big Brother watching everything. Although they still probably do, it’s better and very FREE MINDED.

A free Mind is the most dangerous weapon in the Human arsenal, and no one can take that away from us. We just have to make sure we use this ability, and strengthen it at all times.


1250+ Endangered Animals forming a Map of eARTh. The Ultimate in animal education and sustainable environmental thinking. My goal is to get this into every school in America, or the world. It is worthy, and has been donated to 7 schools in Massachusetts. This ARTwork can change the world for the better, guaranteed.


Extremely necessary and timeless message for these current times.

Do Unto Others as you would have them

Do Unto you.

If we all abide by this, all of our problems will be solved. immediately.


This is the first ART campaign for our charity using ART to raise money for eARTh saving causes worldwide. Officer Michael Chesna of the Weymouth Police Department (the town next to mine) was murdered in a horrific way while on the job one day. It immediately prompted this Artwork and i joined forces with to help raise money for the families of fallen officers. Cops must be respected, and the anti-police rhetoric of the media and democratic socialist antifas... are incredibly damaging to everyone. They Protect US, we must show respect.


This was drawn before Trump entered the race for the White House. I believed and still believe that Rand Paul will play an important role in the future of America. I hope he is the one to replace Trump in 2024. He is a good man with good morals and incredible intelligence. I still stand with RAND and TRUMP!


In honor of my Grandparents who proudly served Our Country, and for Everyone who has risked everything to protect our Freedoms. I don’t believe in Wars, and find the truth behind many wars to be rather disturbing, but those who choose to fight, do so honorably and with good intentions. Veterans have had it tough in life, and deserve to be comfortable upon returning home. Many of us would be forever traumatized by the effects of War, and we remain safe while others put themselves in perpetual danger. We Must Honor Our Veterans, always.

PEACE will Conquer and extinguish ALL WAR.. You can do it TRUMP!


and bring about the Judgement of ALL those who have committed atrocities towards our fellow humans around the world. Karma can’t be escaped.

Be GOOD... eliminate Evil.

the RENAISSANCE is nigh....


American TRUMP and the NOBLE Peace Prize

We wish to offer this Original Ink and Watercolor Artwork to President Donald J. Trump and his family. We were in support of Trump throughout his campaign, even though we knew what that meant for Artists, especially in supposedly liberal Massachusetts. We listened to almost all of his speeches with incredible excitement, and researched his entire amazingly impressive life. Being creative, we immediately recognized this same power in him as he spoke with Oprah in the 1980s about potentially running for president someday. Upon seeing this interview, we knew that someone like Donald Trump has been creatively thinking about this mission, and wanting, and earning it with every action he makes, for a VERY long time. Plus his Uncle knew Nikola Tesla. In short, he is a genius, and those that insult his intelligence, are the exact opposite.

Unfortunately for many of us, it seemed like the majority of the TV viewing, cell phone and social media obsessed population were becoming victims of textbook propaganda. To see this, as Artists whose voice was ‘shadow-banned’ on social media sites for YEARS, nearly completely eliminating all reach and momentum we once had obtained, was tough. But we knew the Power of Truth to be Sacred, and the Only choice possible for us. We also bring our Art to Humans in Reality, and left the internet slums.

We Never gave up Our Mission of Art, and YOU were our greatest inspiration. When times got tough for us, we imagined what you were going through and we toughened up and worked harder. We even formed the SAVE eARTH 501c3 of

You deserve the NOBLE Peace prize from us, and the Nobel Peace prize from them. So we drew Alfred Nobel offering his medal as well.

Below you will find the Artworks and ideas that these past years have inspired. During this time i was also extremely focused on my Animals, Ancient cultures, Universe, and Spiritually inspired Artworks which can be found at ... but these are the ones inspired by this Battle of Good and Evil, which is very real... Thanks for Everything you Do for the Side of GOOD, President Donald J. Trump.

Thanks Infinitely.  - diNo -                    

A Peace of eARTh for the Renaissance of Our World

This drawing was completed within 2 weeks of the Victory of Donald Trump. The Being of Light in the Middle represented what i envisioned Trump capable of becoming, for the good of ALL nations worldwide and freedom for ALL religious and spiritual paths. For 100s of years, people with ‘power’ and money have been trying very hard to completely control all nations and humans under one global government run by the Wrong people. Obama pushed the world and especially America to the edge, and Trump was the perfect solution, and infinitely more qualified. Having Pride in one’s home country is an inherent aspect of Our nature, and everyone should be working to restore perfection to their homelands. This We the People mentality has spread throughout the world and is bringing about the Renaissance. I have been wishing and working towards, and believing in an inevitable Renaissance for over 25 years. The time has come, and all of the pieces are falling into place, for Peace. This Artwork can connect ALL humans throughout the world with a similar message of Unity. If the world would only know it exists.

and some 2020 ART meme/weapons