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Episodes 1-20 on various Art related topics from Nature to the Universe and Beyond!

               ART Videos pre 2017

                                                   Go Pro Videos, and more to come...

                    ART Videos Old

        Spinning Mandalas on Fans, from Ceilings, OIL Explorations, Mirror Reflections, Experiments...

                ART Videos Old 2

            Creative Process Videos, Mirror Reflections, Stationary Explorations, Art flybys and more...

            ART Videos Spectrums

ART viewed through smooth changing spectrum Lights to explore different color alterations and illusions

                 ART Inventions

3D images, Wall Spinners, Motorized Spinners, Spinning Mandala Easel, Spinning Table and more...      

         ART Galleries and ART spots

        Galleries, Stores, Shops, Outside, Festivals and More places where I have offered or Placed ART

                IREPRESS Videos

                  Music Videos, Live Performances, Jams, Us Messing Around, and More...

                 NATURE Videos

Go Pro explorations into Nature, Sunsets, Hikes, ART in Nature, Swims, SeaLife, ANimals, and more...