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Ever since i saw Spiraea Spin from the cieling... 
i KNEW Spinning Mandalas were MAGiC!
the iLLusions and multidimensional visual wonders i saw within a 2D drawing..
put me in a state of shock from the intense feeling of AWE that engulfed me..
i spent the next 12 years developing new and amazing ways to Spin Mandalas HERE/inventions
i experimented on friends, developed many theories, and continued to create MANDALAS
and will NEVER stop exploring this realm of iLLusions...
OWN IT HERE AND Be a Part of discovering this NEW visual Frontier../ART_pages/Spiraea.htmlExperimental_ARTS_and_Inventions.htmlMandalas.html
SPIRAEA     (circa 2004)                                   JAiNiVERSE     (July 2016)
It has been an incredibly long journey to make this APP come to Life. From my discovery of the Magic of a free spinning Mandala in 2004, to the present August 2016, has been quite a journey of amazing synchronistic occurrences. 
First, it MUST be know that to this day, i still do NOT own a ‘smart’ phone. I am one of the few humans around today who have had a strong disliking for cell phones since i first saw one in the early 1990s. I average about 4 minutes of usage a month. 
BUT! I recognize its value in the present culture, and for this particular purpose of capturing and  spinning mandalas,  the ‘smart’ devices are necessary. However, in time i really would like to see free-spinning mandalas above EVERYONES beds. The benefits to this are astounding and impossible to describe in words.

So the Story of the APP is this... 
In 2012 i developed the idea for an APP like this. It was one of my infinite ideas i would love to manifest if only i had the $$$$... So i was motivated during several times of that 4 years, but all attempts failed. Then in December of 2015 i met a lady who Loved my ART. She was a marketing master and seemed to have connections ALL over the world. So i told her about my APP idea, and she immediately connected me with my new friend and brother in Mandalas, Nitin of...    
I contacted him and sent him my ideas and he absolutely LOVED it. We discussed pricing for such an undertaking and the initial number was amazingly affordable for what the project entailed, yet still way too much for me. So i suggested that i would try to find some donors, and we immediately struck an agreement that would better the UNiVERSE for ALL!
The project continued and me and Nitin continued to appreciate and build our trust and admiration for eachother as time went on and communications grew as the APP progressed. We talked on SKYPE several times and soon enough he felt comfortable enough to share a story with me.
Apparently MANDALAS had played just as important of a role in his life as they have done in mine. On a magnificent spiritual level, Mandalas had guided him through some tough times and into the BEST of times, and he saw this opportunity as a chance to Honor this path. His work and the efforts of his team are truly commendable. 
Theres more. 
As my own independent research into the Universe had led me to question the true shape of Our planet. I dove deeper into an ancient belief system/religion known as JAINISM, that describes the structure of the Universe in ways that immediately connected with me on ALL levels. I continued to research and explore ancient writings like the SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM and more in search of TRUTH. Part of this reality is the FACT that we ALL are living upon a SPINNING MANDALA!!!!!!!
things could NOT be more perfect... 12 years worth of connections in my brain were sizzling with excitement... Which led me to draw the JAiNiVERSE mandala.

There are so many secrets of LIFE to discover. I truly hope this APP leads to some new discoveries in the realm of illusion, pattern, multidimensions, psychology, ART and so much more. I encourage you ALL to search for the Mandalas within your life and Honor them. Find the secrets that occur when you look at those mandalas from every possible 360 degree angle, then change the COLOR, then ZOOM in and out, the change the speed, and NEVER stop. Different speeds create different patterns, different patterns can create different things at different speeds, the potential possibilities of iLLusion are infinite!

Enjoy the Spinning Mandala Universe :)
august 2016

The APP begins with the Sign In Screen featuring the LOVE MANDALA

by diNo and dART

You can SIGN into the APP and create a profile using Email, Facebook or Gmail accounts..

Soon your journey into the exploration of MANDALAS will begin..

The HOME Feature will give you access to 25+ Beautiful, Meaningful, Educational and Inspiring Mandala ARTworks

by diNo and dART...

and soon will include top submissions from Mandala Magicians around the world...

submit YOUR favorite mandalas to

with the Title MANDALA MAGIC!

These 25+ Mandalas will be updated and change many times throughout the year... so keep checking back for more!


YOU can upload any image you want from YOUR library of Photos..

Or You can Use your Device’s Camera, and capture ANYTHING that YOU think will Look AMAZING... when spinning..

Really... REALLY FAST!

or verrrrrrrrrrry slow

Build a MASSIVE Collection of MAGiC

When You Select a Mandala or decide to USE a Photo you have just captured with the CAMERA...

You come to the Main Screen ------------------>

Here You Have INFINITE Ways to Experiment with the Visual MAGiC of YOUR Mandalas.

You Can Change the Color Scheme.. and then change it again.. and again.. and again..

You Can Listen to Creative and Fascinating Music recorded and performed by diNo... to help set the mood... if you would like to contribute a 1 minute musical LOOP to Mandala Magic..

contact with the title MANDALOOPS!

You can control toe SPEED of the SPIN from a really slow RPM, to a REALLY Fast Level of SPEED!

and there is also a trick to it... in order to obtain the hidden SUPER SPEED function.... you must experiment..

YOU can also take your Mandala to the next dimension in the


Now your Mandala will be taken to a new screen where it can be viewed at the previously chosen rate of SPEED, but with a Black Background.

HERE you can PINCH the screen IN and OUT to utilize the INCREDIBLE ZOOM FEATURE!

YOU can ZOOM OUT so far that your Mandala can appear smaller than a fingernail..


YOU can ZOOM IN so much that your Mandala can appear  beyond the dimension of Pixels!

YOU have to SEE it to Believe it...

WATCH in AWE as beautiful and miraculously unique patterns emerge at EVERY single interval of ZOOM..

and at every single interval of SPEED...

Pinch IN and OUT repeatedly for Another EXCELLENT Visual ‘Trick’ of the APP...

ZOOM IN On Your Mandala so that the ENTIRE SCREEN is filled with SPINNING ART MAGiC! Find the most beautiful settings, prop up your device, put on some MUSiC and IMMERSE YOURSELF in the Visual WONDERS that appear before your eyes...

What appears will be AMAZINGLY unique to the viewer.. and often times can become shockingly symbolic when comparing the Patterns that Emerge, with the Symbolism attached to the image... and viewer..

Imagine the ULTIMATE ‘Rorschach test’ of an entirely NEW and EXCITING UNEXPLORED DIMENSION!

INFINITE VISUAL DISCOVERIES are waiting to be discovered... by YOU!

The SPIN is SO INTENSE! that No Camera or still image could do it justice..



the APP

From Boston to India and BEYOND!

AMAZING Resources to MAXIMIZE the Mandala Magic Potential...
Black and White Animation Templates
Download or Take Photos of Templates that Animate.. then COLOR THEM and SPIN EM!
Colored and Animated Phenakistoscopes
Colored Mandalas that Animate.. Find The Center.. Take A Picture. Download. SPIN and BE AMAZED!
Videos of diNo Animations
A Collection of Animated Mandalas Videos and Experiments
Unleashing the Power of the iLLusion 

The Developers of www.Getpromoted.In                            DiNo and dART

                 An Amazing Team!                      and