MAGiC Prints


I have just joined forces with friends at in order to offer the world.. MAGiC PRINTS!

These are of an extremely limited edition, of the highest quality, and the most unique way to see the ARTS of DiNo and dART!

They change color naturally under the light using Lenticular Lens technology and other incredible techniques. Be the first to own these visual treasures that take Our Arts to the next dimension, and enjoy them forever!

They Come from RUSSIA, so take a little less than a month for delivery, but they are worth it. Get yours now, they are progressively numbered and signed, and will be treasured forever! Thanks.


My Favorite Artwork. This spiral is pure subconscious and ancient universal symbolism. The Ultimate Rorschach design that taps right into your subconscious and makes you see what you feel, or are destined to see. Pure Magic. Suspend it from the cieling and explore infinite visual wonders, forever as hours tick by in Wonder at the multidimensional MAGiC!

Universe Mandala

A Theoretical Map of the Structure and Wonders of Our Universe in one sacred Mandala. Celestial objects at various stages, Planets, constellations, dimensions, eARTh and her Chakras and much more. The Ultimate Universe Map seen in ALL possible colors with the Magic Print potential. Explore the Universe in your home, forever!

The First Supper

A diNo and dART Classic based on visions of the LAST Supper, only, the First Supper! A much happier and more fun atmosphere. Perfect for any room in your house and Art fans of ALL ages. All the animals are eating a Vegetarian diet, as Adam and Eve gaze at the sunrise in the distance. So many great things to see, that spark incredibly positive feelings in everyone. Enjoy this Magic Art print forever. Makes a Great Gift!

a PEACE of eARTh

250 Flags and 90 symbols of Humanity, seen in every possible color combination with the MAGIC Prints! See these representations of nearly ALL people throughout the world as they blend into infinite color schemes, adding an incredibly visually beautiful take on an educational collection of Maps. Show your pride in being a HUMAN on eARTh surrounded by Beauty, Wonder and the Power of Good as we all search for purpose, and the divine in Our own unique ways. For ALL cultures and Peoples of eARTh!

The Golden Rule

This eternal message as it applies to the Animal Kingdom of eARTh. Based on Norman Rockwell’s Golden Rule drawing which features peoples of all nationalities. where the Animals are here. A beautiful Artwork and message that everyone can enjoy and remember this sacred rule with. The Animals change colors as you view this print, showing alternate variations of these lovable Animals we share Our world with. Pass on this Golden Rule as a gift or keep it as a reminder on how we should ALL act, each day.

Mother eARTh

A beautiful Vision by dART of Mother eARTh holds Our world in her hands, nurturing it and trying Her best to heal it. The loving animals surround her and support her on the quest to Save eARTh. Animals from the depths of the sea to the sky are all enjoying their wonderful lives and asking Mother eARTh to tell us Humans, to Protect the innocent and help the Nature of Our world thrive and continue to grow forever. We all must please and Love Our Mother.

Miracle of Mysteries

In Honor of ALL the Sacred Mysteries that Our World has awaiting discovery. There are so many incredible wonders that have graced the eARTh, throughout history, and some still remain today. Together these pieces form a puzzle that can help us understand Our True Origins. Explore this vision with the infinite color spectrum of these Magic Prints and potentially discover what the Ancients once knew. Which we are destined to Understand.


The First Ever Collaborative Artwork of diNo and dART. This is a visual exploration that united our Artistic souls as one, and led to our inevitable family and future of Love! DiNo’s ink and dART’s watercolors combine to form this vision which can be viewed from every possible angle. The Massive tree, and imagination filled world surrounding it come alive in these Magic Prints and are Perfect for all ages to inspire creativity and a vivid and wonder filled Imagination. Explore this beautiful vision forever!

LOVE is the Answer

In Connection with the website..

We will be offering this beautiful vision as a Limited Edition MAGIC print when the website launches. Share this site with your friends and be a part of something POSITIVE and GOOD natured. Time for people to migrate from FBook, Insta, and others, and FEEL THE LOVE!

I Have only just begun to experiment with MAGIC Prints with our friends at

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Thanks Infinitely!

diNo and dART