Experimental Arts and Inventions

                              MANDALA MAGiC the APP
             SPINNING MANDALAS and more
Computer Generated FLASH experiments, Spinning Mandalas, Zoom ins, Flybys, Animations, Wiggles and more!
                        Artworks that are mirrored and Tiled together to form ART tapestry- like Creations
          3D ‘chromatek’ Glasses and ART                                                                                              
                               A New form of 3D glasses which makes Our ART look... Amazingly multi-dimensional :)
                     MANDALA scrolls
                            Between 3 and 5 Mandalas can be printed on a Scroll like GICLEE on Bamboo Paper
                  Spinning Mandala Easels
                        A DiNo Designed Spinning Mandala Easel made out of Wood... 2+ can draw at One time :)
                      Spinning Table
A DiNo Designed Table that spins and the legs fold up for transport. Great for drawing or Showcasing ARTS.
                Electric Motorized Spinner
A DiNo Designed Motorized Spinner spins in both directions up to 2000 RPM... Great for displaying Art that is meant to spin at various speeds for long times... Great for creating Unique Artworks and experiments...
                               3-way Spinning Mandala Frame
A DiNo Designed invention made to offer the ability to Spin the Artwork while mounted on a wall, attached to the cieling, AND/Or to spin freely on the ground like a Top... Fun and the Ultimate... Coming Soon...
                           Wall Mount Spinning Frame
A DiNo Designed Wall Mount Spinner for Wheel-like spinning on the Wall. Can Either Spin smoothly, or be designed to hold in place and spin slowly...
                             Spectrum Wall Mount Frame
A DiNo Designed Wall Mount frame designed with a spectrum light surrounding the ART so that it can constantly be changing colors and looking beautiful in infinite ways... :)  Coming Soon...