Who do YOU Value More?

Who do YOU Value More???
This is an artwork that was created in retaliation to the unlawful and False arrest of me and dART that occurred on December 1st, 2015. We were unconstitutionally arrested for simply hiking in Our woods during a HUNT that should NEVER have happened. The full story can be read here... A DEER TAIL OF TWO ARTISTS 
I am a teacher and dART is a Healer, and we were treated as criminals by the Environmental Police and others because of the angry testimony of a Hunter who was hungry for a kill that he NEVER got. Too Bad... Poor Hunter... We went into the Woods with Peace in Our Hearts, and had Our FREEDOMS taken away for over 6 hours. We do NOT respond with Anger... WE USE ART! So answer this question for yourself, and think of the infinite reasons WHY? When this world realizes the importance of this question, A LOT will change for the betterment of ALL life in danger... :)Deer.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0