the TAROT mandala
All 78 Cards of the Arthur Edward Waite Tarot deck, re-envisioned and connected with four concentric rings of MAGIC. The outer ring contains 40 Minor Arcana cards, guarding those within it. The next ring contains 16 Royalty Cards and 4 Major Arcana. The next ring has 13 of the Major arcana, and the innermost ring has 5 of the Most Powerful Cards. My goal was to create a Mandala style divination method where the Pentacles drawing could be used as a spinner to be placed atop the Tarot, where the five points will lead to the ‘spinners’ reading... I will be making this into an official offering soon enough, so stay tuned... :) Tarot entered my life early, but has taken on new and deeper meaning and power as my life has progressed. It seems to just KNOW, what cards NEED to be pulled at exactly the right time. Experience it for yourself and Embrace the comforts of the Spirit World. 
SEE the TAROT SPIN HEREPentacles.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0