Spiralia (2015)
The Third Incarnation of my visual love symbol, the Spiral/Phi/Everything. SPIRAEA was the first Artwork of mine that pushed me into a new dimension of Creativity and purpose, the Power and Magic of the Spinning Mandala. The Spiral bears its symbol in every aspect of the Universe and is represented  in some way in Everything that we ALL do. So much visual beauty awaits to be seen if we continue to strengthen OUR eyes. The viewing of a spinning mandala does this, and allows us to see in dimensions far beyond what we are used to or capable of describing with words. Explore Spiralia, and Spin her, there is much visual magic to be seen in her EVERY detail. Enjoy :) 

Intention: To further explore the multidimensional visionary potential of the Spiral in spinning mandala form and majority subconscious subject matter and geometrics of interconnectivity through precision.
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