Miracle of Mysteries


This Artwork came from one of the most profound realizations of recent memory, that of the eARTh’s TARTARIAN past. Many photographs of the late 1800s have been circulating recently, and people are gazing upon them with fresh and modern minds, leading to some brilliant discoveries about Our past.

Again, this is all theory. I don’t claim to know the Truth, when it is impossibly hidden by time. But this theory is profound... In a lot of these late 1800s photos of major American cities, unbelievably impressive structural buidlings existed, and were beautiful. It appears that many of the buildings in these early photographs not only looked like they were from ‘Ancient Greece or Rome,’ but also were capable of connecting to the aether through free energy systems. THEN... natural disasters like floods and earthquakes apparently decimated as many of these buildings as could be imagined... they would all soon be replaced by the architecture we see nowadays.

Yet some of these buildings are impressive far beyond our modern capabilities.. when people moved into castles around the world, they had NO CLUE how to heat them properly.. the technology was lost..

Whatever this all leads to.. it is a beautiful path of thought. Some are calling it a global reset... Where all these buildings were deliberately destroyed throughout the WARS... to hide our true history. What if we all got along peacefully, on every continent, with free energy, at one point in our not too distant past... Not thousands of years past.. but only 200-500...

Everything we have been taught must be questioned and rethought based on logic from whatever evidence remains. We are not the most advanced humans to ever walk the eARTh, and it is easily shown in the conversations that occur on television and in pop culture which are of an incredibly shallow and ego driven nature. History has been rewritten by the Victors for so long, that we are all being taught to believe stories that at the very least, are one sided and biased.

Our past is hidden because it reveals that Life on eARTh is perfect and magical in a way that we cannot currently comprehend. Our past may not be as littered with violence, war, and hate, as we have been indoctrinated to believe. We should all question everything.

The Mysteries of these Miracles are enough to keep a tireless mind busy for many lifetimes. Together we can discover the Truth of Our Nature as Humans of eARTh.


Miracle of Mysteries

22x36 inches of Ink