The Flamingo



The Flamingo

of the MechANiMAL series

Is a new idea of mine to create interesting and visually functioning machines of travel based on the shape and characteristics of various birds, fish, and animals of Our eARTh. Similar to the concept of cruise ships or airships, but with animals and inhabited by many of my little doodle dudes. Ya never know what you will find or what the people will be doing, but everything is always positive and good for people of all ages.

This series is unique when it comes to printing as it is offered as is (with the white)

OR can be painted on by diNo or dART to make the Artwork that much more unique and original. We will paint some form of sky, pattern, chaos, or distant landscape on these so that anything is possible. Simply email and we can discuss the setting you would like your MechANIMAL Flamingo to be traveling through.

There will be many more mechANIMALS, so stay tuned.. :)