Mandala Scrolls


Choose 3 or more mandalas from the wide variety we offer, and mix and match your own unique combination. Various themes can combine to make incredibly unique wall hangings which cater to the interests of the owner. Be the
first to generate a new combo, have 1 of a kind artwork unlike anything else. And with great power and energy :)
The Options include How many mandalas per scroll, and at what size diameter each mandala will be on the scroll... Up to 5 mandalas per scroll at 10 or 12 inches per mandala... You DECIDE :)
2 Mandalas
10 inch (14x24) = 
12 inch (16x28) =
3 Mandalas
10 inch (14x34) =
12 inch (16x40) =
4 Mandalas
10 inch (14x36) =
12 inch (16x40) =
5 Mandalas
by Request Only... price varies for such large paper and prints... contact: