What you are about to read has been written with a wide variety of intentions, that hopefully these chosen words will help to get across to as many people as possible. This is an account of a FALSE arrest, from the voice of the innocent. No LIES, No false judgements, No misinterpretations, just Pure TRUTH. These events that took place from December 1st, 2015 to the 21st Solstice in the lives of two people who did not expect, deserve, or EVER imagine the repercussions of a beautiful walk in the woods, touches on many areas of concern for the future of this country and planet eARTh.  For us, a simple and innocent 25 minute walk in the Blue Hills Reservation, where we have hiked an average of 3+ times each week for over 15 years, turned into a 3 week nightmare that we could have NEVER fathomed possible. We want Our story to serve as a warning to the good hearted, beautiful, peace-yearning, knowledge-seeking, Nature-loving eARThlings that still exist today, as they have since the dawn of life. We also want this to soften the hearts of those who seek to end the lives of innocent beings, those who gain pleasure in the suffering of other beings, and those whose occupations give them the power to deny freedoms to those they simply do NOT understand. Our experience this month, is a microcosm for so many of the problems facing humans all over the world in this present time of advanced technology, dwindling/dying natural land preservations, constant chemical pollutants, and rapid extinction of those purely innocent lifeforms who have shared this planet with us always and in ALL ways. Deer, and other Native species to this land, should NOT be considered an easily dispensable pest requiring extinction. We are ALL part of this delicate and threatened ecosystem, and Awareness on a global level, is the only cure. We hope you learn from this, as much as we have, and act accordingly with every Life you encounter during your own. 

	Over 40+ news articles online and in papers covered this story. 1 journalist took the time to hear it from Our perspective. That's not nearly enough. Here is the TRUE story, as it should be documented. With some background info, links and Art at the end... and a delicate splash of humor ;)

				                                                   A Deer Tail of Two Artists

	Two ARTISTS, one a Teacher (diNo of, one a Nurse/Healer ( were UNjustly arrested and accused of "Hunter Harrassment" within 25 minutes of a Hike inside the 7,000 acres of the Blue Hills Reservation on Tuesday December 1st, 2015 at around 11:28AM. This was the second day of the first hunt these woods have seen in over 120 years of natural peace and serenity completely free of violence. On the first day, we had returned to MA after a fortunate and perfect week long Caribbean Vacation with family in honor of Thanksgiving, our first vacation together in over 2 years. Curious as to how this controversial hunt had gone, we researched online and found that 26 deer had been killed. Although FAR lower than everyone was told to expect during the 'town briefings', it was still WAY more than in the past 120 years, and still very sad to hear. Accepting the fact that the wheels of 'control' were unstoppably set into motion, we decided that we wanted to enter the woods before work on Tuesday (the second day of the 'cull'), to simply observe and pay our respects to these innocent deer who were no longer living in their once peaceful HOME-forest. We sympathized with ALL the deer whose space was now being invaded by over 90 humans with extremely deadly Shotgun weaponry. We hoped to see a deer and preserve its memory with a photo, which we knew was unlikely due to the rarity of deer sitings, so we just embraced the beauty around us and walked the paths as we'd done thousands of times before. Only this time we were arrested, and as a result our names and towns were published all over the country in such a way that made us a hero to Animal rights advocates and Lovers of Nature, yet an enemy to a portion of the public who pride themselves on their operation of high-powered machinery capable of instantly taking lives with little to no remorse.  We had been falsely arrested, grossly mis-represented, and undeservedly judged, and were being punished for 21 days because of charges that would end up being dismissed in court for a $50 fine, no worse than a parking ticket. Regardless of our innocence, we now entered into such a state of shock, disbelief, and anxiety that we immediately removed ourselves of all social media nonsense and misinformation and picked up our pens and brushes, ready to express ourselves with ART.   
	Already, the above paragraph will divide those reading this into several different groupings based on your judgements of the words i've chosen. 33 years of living, learning and experiencing the beauty of existence within each moment, will mean nothing to some, simply because we sympathize with the deer (and ALL animals), or we feel the NEED to make time for Nature every single day of our lives. Nobody should be judged publicly on the words of others who have NO IDEA about the unique pasts of individuals, and that is why this response is so necessary. Regardless, some will call us 'Hippies", "idiots", 'tree-huggers', 'protestors', 'demonstrators', or worse (and thankfully better), while others will grant us the respect that each and every human is entitled to and will respect our freedoms to exist as we choose. On OUR paths, we have also become VEGANS, ensuring that NO other life must end, for ours to continue. The vast majority of 'Hunters' will certainly want to disrespect us and deny our intentions and motives as much as possible, no doubt to fulfill their need for justification of the pure lives they have extinguished during their time on eARTh.  We both have Hunters within Our immediate families and circles of friends, and although we may differ greatly in our present opinions on the value of Life, Our bond is Love, and it is and forever will be eternal and untarnished. We have NO hate :)
	We spend OUR time here much differently. We are Artists, and of the rarest form. We don't spend 10-20 hours of every single day creating ART in order to make money, or to achieve fame.  We do it with the sole intention of healing this planet by spreading our visions of beauty and sharing our positive messages of Peace. This NEED is present in every single action we choose to make, that is also why diNo is a Teacher, and Erin is a Nurse/Healer. We pride ourselves on our pacifism and firmly believe that the PEN will ALWAYS be mightier than the sword. When we go into Nature, we step out of the concrete material world and enter a world of Magic, Miracles, and Living Art. We get a thrill out of simply observing a living creature participating in its daily routines of life in the woods, and are constantly on the lookout for new forms of plant, flower, fungus, life, rocks, patterns, and anything that we find beautiful (Everything!).  Just this year on my 33rd birthday we came across a family of Minks living in the woods, 5 went into trees, and 1 circled around us as if to make sure the others were safe, just as a human family would if encountering a new presence within their HOME. To think that Animals are stupid, useless, dumb, and don't deserve to live is not only an alien thought to us, but it is impossible for us to even comprehend how any human could possibly think in such a way. We recognize that in some people such a clash of ideals would often lead them to new heights of anger and aggression, not us. We remain calm and begin to Imagine what Artistic vision of images and meaning would be capable of showing ALL people the importance of the preservation of ALL life that has become endangered by Humans. Then we Draw it and share it with as many people as we possibly can, hoping that even one person will see the infinite benefits of compassion and the joy in experiencing nature with an unyielding sense of wonder and awe. This is Our Mission in Life. Now here is the rest of the Story... 
	Before entering the woods, we received permission from two separate DCR (Department of Conservation and Recreation) employees stationed out in front of two of the paths leading to the trails. We parked the car right at the base of the hill in a spot where parking has always been permitted (this is important because later that day i received a parking ticket for restricted area.. 6 hours later). At the foot of the path, we were greeted by an extremely nice DCR employee who told us about the hunt. He even gave us a brand new orange vest and hat to wear in order to make us more visible to the bullets. He asked how long we would be, and we told him less than an hour, since i/diNo had to leave for work before noon. He then radioed into the woods in order to alert local hunters of our presence on the trails. Had the DCR warned us of possible imprisonment and arrests upon entering the woods, we certainly would NOT have gone in. Instead we were happily permitted. If they had decided to flat out deny local hikers the permission to enter the woods, we also would NOT have gone in. So we entered our local forest with the same sense of wonder as always, still glowing with happiness and revitalized by the Caribbean Paradise we returned from the night before, yet saddened knowing that our local deer were suffering. 
	We walked the paths starting on bigger main paths and diverting on smaller more intricate paths, all official, all perfectly allowed. After walking for about 25 minutes, not seeing any deer, or much else except for a really cool mushroom on a tree, we heard our first and only shotgun blast Ever in those woods. It was around this point when I spoke the words "Hunter, Hunter," so as to alert anyone around of our presence in order to not be mistaken for deer. In near silent woods there is no need to yell (as the report would claim), voices carry, and in general in life, i find no reason to yell. This is our first taste of misinformation and overemphasized (and undeserved) value being granted to the hunters of the woods, over those who have grown up exploring these woods since early childhood. A combination of hearing this shotgun sound and a previous underestimate of my pre-work errands were both signs that we should start heading out, so we began heading back to the car. This is when we encountered the Hunter from a distance.
	With our heads on a 'swivel' everytime we enter the beautiful woods, we noticed an orange figure in the woods about 150 feet from the path. Expecting hunters to be wearing camouflage and potentially being in tree stands, we were not sure who exactly this person was. We saw no gun, just him looking back at us with binoculars. I saw this and waved to him with a smile (interpret that as you will), he put down the binoculars and picked up his phone. We took our camera out and zoomed in on him, which was when we saw (and felt) the anger he was displaying on his face from beneath his orange hat and moustache. Remembering the kindness of the DCR employees we encountered earlier, we figured this guy clearly was not one of them. We stood by a fallen tree along the path (the report would later claim we were over 50 feet off the path) for about 2 minutes observing this man, before we heard and noticed 2 more people coming along the path, also looking pretty angry from beneath another 'moustache'. They told us it was time to leave, and we agreed since we were on our way out anyways, and they walked behind us along the path to our car. An interesting conversation occurred during that brief hike we shared ;) ;) We walked about 3 minutes before arriving back at our car, where we expected to simply be told not to hike anymore that day and assumed we'd be allowed to leave so i could go to work/teach and we could both preserve Our Freedoms. They had other plans. This was only the beginning.
	Upon entering the parking lot we noticed a swarm of SUV's from almost every law enforcement agency Massachusetts has to offer. There were Park Rangers, Environmental Police, State Police, Local Police, DCR employees, Department of Fish and Wildlife authorities, and a newsman with a video camera who filmed the entire incident from across the street (still not sure what station it was). They told us to sit by a tree and await them for questioning, we went by the tree but remained standing. Now an entirely different officer approached us demanding our names, dates of birth, and our towns of residence. When asked what was happening, they simply said that they were investigating and then the 2 Environmental officers went into their very environmentally UNfriendly vehicle and left us guarded by the State Police officers who seemed to display some sympathy towards us, hinting that this would probably not amount to much. The two Environmental Officers however, had a different agenda to put forth against us and they soon came back claiming that we were being held for the charge of "Hunter Harassment." The irony of a smiling hand-wave and some whistling in the woods being considered "Harassment" towards a man with a Shotgun and a desire to Kill innocent deer, still seems ridiculous. But not to these two officers, or whoever was giving them the orders. So we laughed, in complete shock that this was actually really happening to us after gaining permission to hike from the very same people who were denying us the FREEDOM to leave. We asked to leave and they told us again that we could not until they finished their investigation of the situation. So they asked us if we knew that a Hunt was taking place. A rather thorough investigation indeed. Erin stated several times that we had recieved permission to enter the woods from two separate DCR employees, one of which was still in the parking lot. I simply flipped up my cool new orange vest collar, as if to wordlessly say, "______." Then came the handcuffs and the reading of our miranda rights. 
	As we were led to the SUV's, the cameraman across the street was capturing the 'triumph' of local law enforcement against the 'evil animal loving hikers.' "Make sure the World sees this," i said, still perplexed by the absurdity of the situation. The officer who was kind enough to give me a lift to the police station wall we were chained to for the next 2 hours was a great man with a good sense of humor who i felt comfortable with. He and many others were hired for the 'hunt', and his usual town of duty was one i grew up around and later lived within. Again, we both have family members in law enforcement and the military, and have the utmost respect for both, especially those who show us the equivalent levels of well-deserved respect in return. 
	We arrived at the Station at the base of the Hill and were greeted by a once-living severed deer head as we walked through the main entrance and down the hallway en route to Our Wall. All of our belongings were removed and displayed on the counter where the lengthy report making process unfolded before our eyes and ears. We didn't have many possessions on us, except for our cameras totalling $1000, with over 5000 pictures from 3 years, and over an hour and a half of newly viewed tropical landscapes and sea creatures. They were seized as evidence, simply because they COULD be seized as evidence. For 21 days we assumed they would remain in a locker, not even thought about by anyone but us, who missed out on documenting some amazing memories, new artworks, and beautiful experiences that have occurred since the FALSE arrest. We would later discover that they had tampered with and viewed the contents of our cameras, with no warrant to do so. 
	These two hours were filled with fingerprintings, mugshots, and some nice eavesdroppings. We even experienced a moment of synchronicity with our captors as they were discussing their own upcoming vacations in the exact same islands we had just returned from less than 24 hours ago. So we rode the rollercoaster of ups and downs, never knowing whether this was serious or an over-extended warning, and we held hands with eachother, conversing with indecipherable faces to anyone but us, and near silent whispers. This was when it sunk in, Our Freedom was GONE. A solid punch to our spirits, but one easily curable by a blast of Zen, some internal humor, and a strong desire to NOT show weakness in front of those who may receive pleasure from it.  With still a plethora of top-notch jokes running through my head, 'the moustache' began to pack up his electronics, the fictional fairy tale report was complete. It was also clear at this point that i would NOT be going to work today, a loss of much needed $ and an inconvenience for all i work with and teach for. So we said a quiet farewell to the beautiful deer in the hallway and headed to our next destination, a jail cell. 
	We arrived at the CourtHouse we would be returning to in 17 days, traded in the handcuffs for some shiny leg shackles, and joined my 3 new human friends in my very first prison cell. The seriousness and competitive displays of power while attached to 'the Wall' were replaced by a new and hilarious sense of sarcasm and shock at why we both could have ever ended up in our present confined space, for doing what we really truly did, hike in the woods. I immediately was granted the title, "The Blue Hills Bandit" by my new friends whose Freedoms were all about to vanish for between 1 and 3 years of their unique lives. We laughed, we told of ourselves, and we too discussed our shared desire to Heal a world where far too many are profiting from the destruction of other lifeforms (Human and Animal), in far too many ways. It was an experience i will NEVER forget, and further proof that WE THE PEOPLE need to restore perfection to this world, before it is far too late. 
	Upon exiting the cell, i wished my new friends the Best, and reunited with dART as we began our shackled ascent to the Courtroom. We both were not sure what to expect, and were pretty overwhelmed by what each new (shackled) step was unveiling to us, and this was clearly visible to those in the court. Several people whispered us assurances that ALL would be okay and not to worry, but imagination is sometimes a tough trick to turn off. We were told to only say "Not Guilty," which was fine with us.  We soon saw the reactions of light laughter and smiles of disbelief from all of the court workers from the officers to the judge who then asked, "What really happened here?" We told him of our story in a brief dose of Truth and he asked someone else "So how long is the record on these two?" He was told "Nothing at all." The roller coaster was through the spirals and on the straightaway... sort of... 
	Shackles were removed, and Our Freedoms had returned. We grabbed a snack real quick and then headed back to our cars. As we pulled up to my car, i saw the flashing lights of a tow truck, and envisioned the draining of my bank account. I rushed out of the car and pleaded with the officer and tow operator, who looked shocked that i had returned just in time for a little mercy. They pulled out of the parking lot and so did i, along with a $25 ticket for parking in a restricted area issued at 5:00. It was now 5:05 in a parking lot that is public property and in summer is accessible virtually all night. A week later i was mailed an additional $40 ticket which was issued to me at 5:55, 50 minutes after i left the parking lot. Dart too received a ticket in her parking space under similar circumstances. We both drove separately back to Our home and began the journey of dealing with False Arrests and the potential of a future with a criminal record we did NOT deserve. 
	Now it was time to deal with the fallout from the situation in all its various incarnations. Reports were spreading on the news and in online stories from local papers and eventually in over 40 various sources across the country that we found out about from Texas to Washington state and more. The sources were all telling the story based on what 'the hunter' and 'the moustache' had declared was absolute truth (lower case t). Only one person interviewed us, and he wrote a great and necessary article in favor of Our character, Good nature and Intentions. Most of the articles mentioned Our names and the towns we and our families reside, putting us in unnecessary danger from a particular armed demographic of the surrounding population of Our Homes that could potentially seek revenge based on LIES. This was uncalled for, unnecessary, and on such a low level that i refuse to sink below, even though i clearly remember every name of everyone we encountered and could just as easily publish :) (You can see the Article below) We hesitatingly entered the realm of social media to post of Our innocence and media coverage, but 20 minutes later decided to sever the cord and Deactivate our accounts. It was now clear how truly watched one can become in this present time, and just how insane it can be to think how easily it is for simple meaningless text to be mis-interpreted to fit any agenda and potentially cause another loss of future freedom. Sounds like paranoia, but keep reading and you'll see how shockingly justified these feelings were. We also must state that we had been evolving towards this deactivation, and highly recommend it to ALL in order to use your time Creatively or by meeting and communicating with people in person, within Reality. 
	Eventually, we finally retreated to Our Art for a few hours before falling asleep, mentally exhausted and emotionally nauseous. We woke up, we still had Our health, All would be okay. Karma had to come to the rescue at some point. Soon enough it arrived via telephone and we met, 'the Lawyers." Two truly like-minded and passionate individuals who also opposed the hunt, and were determined to establish Justice and prove Our innocence to the World, for Free. We proclaimed them Our heroes, because before them, we had absolutely NO idea what to do about representation, or how we would ever possibly afford a lawyer on top of all the other ever-increasing costs of living. Several days later we met in person, and he was even cooler than on the phone. We went over all the aspects of the report, brushed off the remaining 'moustache' residue, and began to research the exact details of the allegations forced upon us. The roller coaster had now risen to that sweet flat spot on the top with the great view, as it soon became clear that the statutes pertaining to the "Harassment" we were accused of had NOTHING to do with what was found in the report. In fact, the only detail reported was of me saying, "Hunter, Hunter," an exercise in my Freedom of Speech, and my Freedom to not be accidentally killed by a Hunter. I must come clean however, this Blue Hills Bandit was also reported for "whistling." An infraction i've unknowingly been on the run from since i was 5. 
	The next week or so was filled with many hours of creating Art, researching the updates, hidden stories, and facts within the 'controversial' hunt coverage, and gathering emails to eventually tell our story to YOU! We each were driven to collapse our inner thoughts on the entire situation into Artworks we could then share with the world following the December 17th hopeful 'finale' with the courts. There is no better way for us to express Ourselves than with Our Art, it gives us immeasurable joy, no matter what Life tosses our way. Our other favorite escape to be at peace, is the woods, in particular the Blue Hills, which we were absolutely forbidden to even go near until the 'Hunt' and our 'case' was over. Another unjust punishment, for an innocent walk in Nature. The Drawings below were created in response to this situation, and are packed with important meaning, as is ALL we create. Take a good look at them. And feel FREE to Enjoy, Spread and Share :)
	                                            WHO DO YOU VALUE MORE? by diNo (


                                                                               (Descriptions and enlarged Art found at Bottom of Story)

        We remained pretty reclusive during this time, and had some interesting conversations with friends and family who had heard the stories within the media and had also misjudged us because of what they'd heard or read. This was a little disheartening, so for ALL those who truly trusted Our innocence, Thank you, it says a LOT of Good about our bond and your character. Either way, things were looking good as we began to truly understand just how minor this misdemeanor truly was, and our paranoia had subsided as the dark news of the world washed it all away immediately after it was reported. Rightfully so, this story is insane, and should not have been anything more serious than a warning and a farewell, especially in the grand scheme of the current world events. There are clearly more important situations to investigate, than two artists walking in the woods. We took comfort in the belief that we were just two insignificant peaceful #s floating above a hidden world of violence and corruption that was way too busy to even look up at us. We were wrong. Three days before Our court appearance, on Monday the 14th, 2 FBI agents came to dART's home wanting to speak with her. They left their card, and the news arrived to us bright and early the next morning, bringing with it a new and powerful tsunami of nausea that threatened to dismantle everything we cherished about Life as we've always known it. The rollercoaster had dropped off a cliff and the track vanished. Thankfully we both went to work, mentally wounded, but still more than capable and eager to fulfill our duties as teacher and healer. "Soon this will be over," became our new mantra as time dragged on and uncertainty consumed us. How could this be possible? 
	Thankfully, Our Art and 'the Lawyers" provided us with the necessary drive to push on through whatever turmoil lay ahead. So we pushed on, and sleeplessly returned to the Court on the morning of the 17th, 45 minutes early and dressed as nice as we could, fearing even our appearance would be a factor in the outcome. Imagination knows no bounds. Nor does humor, which thankfully was still accessible in our times of need. Which brings us to the return of 'the moustache,' only the moustache itself, was gone! My brain's internal laughter meter had officially peaked, as we watched him walk in, proudly chewing his gum as he took a seat right next to 'the Lawyers." We were partially convinced that he would not even show up to such a minor situation, and he appeared almost entirely confident that we would not have 'the Lawyers' fighting for us. But we did. And fight they did... with Justice! Two of the charges ('disorderly conduct' and 'going off the trail') were dismissed and the "Hunter Harassment" was changed to "Hunter interference" and reduced to a $50 fine with absolutely nothing remaining on Our records of this fiasco. The case was dismissed, so we paid our fine and let out a most triumphant sigh of relief. It was finally Over. 
	Now it is time to Share Our story with the World. The implications of this microcosmic tale of Truth stretch through far too many areas of everyday life during this present time of Our World. Why do certain Humans feel the need to assert 'Power' over those they perceive as inferior? In the Blue Hills, what began as a Shotgun display of dominance over the innocent deer, became a display of unneccessary injustice towards two people who feel sad even if they take the life of a mosquito that's biting them. We do NOT agree with or like the act of 'Hunting' unsuspecting lifeforms, but we DO dedicate Our lives towards Educating ALL of Our Students, Healing and comforting ALL of Our Patients in Need, and showing the WORLD through Art just how Perfect this miracle called LIFE truly is. Who do YOU Value More???? We honorably Teach and Heal the children and immediate families of any Hunters (as well as the hunters themselves), or people with 'Power' in ways completely Free of prejudice or hate, and Always with mutual respect, positive intentions and Love for Our fellow Beings. We believe this World is inherently Good, and dedicate Our time to showing this Power of Good to those who may have forgotten its importance, or those who have become confused (or abused) by life's intricate labyrinth of pathways. If you too have forgotten this innate Wonder of existence, please explore Our Artworks, and then grab a pen or a brush, and explore YOUR Artworks. Don't get lost in the meaningless material distractions that surround us, take back your time. Explore Nature. Explore Your Mind. Smile At Everyone. We are ALL friends. We have Animals to Protect and Admire. We have a Planet to Save. We have Peace to Achieve. 

                                                                               Happy Winter Solstice 2015 :) Save eARTh!


                                                                        Some Other Noteworthy Details of the Hunt and Story not covered above... 

As of December 21st, 2015... we finally received Our Cameras back today after several failed attempts because the 'right' person wasn't working those days we rightfully attempted to have Our property which was unlawfully seized from us, returned. 

The DCR received their innacurate deer population estimates through an ODD method known as Distance sampling... This meant that for 3 nights, less than 4 hours a nite, a few offroad vehicles went into the woods with flashlights counting deer eyes. They entered the deer eyes into a computer algorithmic formula, and it spat out the magic number they wanted in order to justify a 'Hunt'. The thing is, none of these observers are regular hikers of these woods, they are all new to the area, from somewhere else. They also drove around in vehicles, which accounts for about 2% of the trails within the 7,000 acres. The numbers the machine puked out to them were 85-100+ deer per square mile. Locals and People that hike the trails daily, KNOW that this is a GROSS exaggeration. (SEE LINK TO DEER MANAGEMENT PLAN BELOW)

The Other discrepancy is based on deer population numbers from another study in 2013. Anyone from Boston knows that last years 2015 winter was the worst in everyones lifetime. Imagine what it was like for families of deer, with no shelter, no food stores, and no heat, under 7 feet of snow. Wildlife officials have found many dead deer in the woods, due to the extreme natural 'culling' of Nature. To Shotgun the survivors of such a winter which NO human could have ever survived, seems downright cruel. 

One concerned citizen offered $10,000 if the State would stop the Hunt. Nope. Other scientists and experts in the field of contraceptive methods for deer even offered to initiate a sterilization program for little to No cost at ALL in public tax payer money, or innocent deer LIFE. This offer was also rejected and denied even a fair hearing from anyone in 'power.' 

During the Public discussions following the 2nd and 3rd of 3 town 'briefings' even HUNTERS displayed their concern about the use of Shotguns in such a public space, the distance between each hunter, the percieved immediacy of the Event, the Lack of public attention or Choice in the matter, and also did not agree with the high numbers or mythical threats of overpopulation and imminent dangers to the public. In fact the only people for the Hunt in the crowd, were those whose shrubbery around their houses would occasionally be snacked on by local hungry deer. So instead of the obvious fence option, this abnoxious minority saw Death as the only answer to the most minor of problems. 

Also, during the meetings on TV and in public (3 total), there was an extensive campaign waged by the women of 'Friends of the Blue Hills' and others, resorting to the Fear tactics of LYME disease. One women claimed that out of 30 of her neighbors that she questioned, ALL 30 had contracted lyme disease. Also out of 12 of the local ticks she tested, 11 tested positive for Lyme. Meanwhile hikers of the woods have been noticing a clear decline in even the tick populations of the last year following the brutal winter. FEAR tactics however, do NOT compete with facts. Deer actually do not carry lyme, their body processes it and it renders the bacteria pretty much useless.  MICE and other small rodents and bugs are far worse threats in regards to the spread of ticks. HUMANS and DOGS and CATS are just as susceptible to Ticks, should they be ‘Culled?’ Ticks and Deer numbers are virtually and completely unrelated, and this issue should never have been pushed upon the public, or used as justification for murder through FEAR, by a group that calls themselves, "the Friends of the Blue Hills."

The True Group of Nature lovers seeking justice for the deer was in fact the true Friends of the Blue Hills Deer organization run by the same Amazing people who also own an Animal Sanctuary. They scheduled peaceful protests, and displays of Truth ranging from holding signs along the roads near the Hills, to contacting 3 Native American Heroes who spoke out from their unique perspective on the disturbing events that were taking place in their Sacred forests. This group was also treated unfairly, sometimes being forced to move their peaceful displays of disagreement to hidden places where no one could publicly see their actions. 

It is also stated somewhere that in order for a Hunt of this nature to occur in Public lands so close to peoples homes, families, and property, that EVERYONE within 5 miles of the Land MUST be NOTIFIED! Nothing of the sort happened. Those in charge vastly overestimated their social media reach, and relied on methods that simply left 100,000's of residents completely unaware. The Protesters were the most effective force in spreading the news of this Hunt, but it wasn't even their responsibility by law. It was their duty as Humans with Heart. 

Also if the Youtube video still remained, You would see that the entire time, there was no question as to whether the Hunt would occur or Not... It was a guaranteed event, which no citizen could possibly do anything to halt. Since, they have tried to propose Hunts in the Blue Hills Every Sunday. Thankfully this seemed to have failed. If the people are given the chance to Vote on something as important as this, it would be clear that NO ONE wants this Hunt, except for a very small portion of the population. To value this small number of out of towners over the local population of nature lovers, is wrong. 

dART even filed for an injunction to Stop the Hunt. She was allowed to fully explain her case while on the stand in front of a judge who already knew the outcome. She spent $700 of her hard-earned money and she received some much due respect from the opposing lawyers, but was left feeling hopeless. 

ARTICLES and LINKS of Somewhat Importance... Others including a 1.5 hour Video of one of the 'Town Meetings' has since been deleted from Youtube... the last 30 minutes of which were ALL complaints from concerned citizens about the Lies and misinformation presented during the meeting... Here are some other good links that remain.. 

Boston Globe article that interviewed US:

A Youtube Video i made two weeks before the Hunt...


A Nice Article on How the Fish And Game Departments have Decimated our natural resources and made lots of $$$$

An Article showing the Bias towards the Hunters.. A first time hunter's story of his first kill... Claiming it is no worse than the Factory Farm killing of Animals.. a common delusion

An Article discussion of the resignation of the Commissioner of the DCR on November 10th 2015... it is believed she was AGAINST the 'Hunt'... but who knows...


			                                                                                            DiNo and Dart ArtWORKS Below


                                                                                                                                   Who Do YOU Value More?    
    Pretty self explanatory. I feel that this question really gets to the heart of where the true injustice was shown in this entire situation. It is a question everyone should think about when their town ponders the idea of a 'sanctioned hunt' in their local forest. Why would people capable of such acts of violence be held on a pedestal and valued more than those who Teach ALL ages for a better future eARTh, or those who Heal Everyone whenever ill health should befall them.  Two of these occupations are essential to Save eARTh from extinction, while the other only quickens the pace of it.  None of these Hunters NEEDED to kill any of these 64 deer for survival. I'm also willing to believe the walls of their homes would still stand without a severed deer head upon them. They did this for motivations i simply cannot comprehend. Nor do i want to think in such a way. This is my way to show people what is truly important in Life... LIFE :)       


                                                                       This drawing is still being created and more detail is soon to follow.  This is the deer we came across a few months ago in the woods, as his future incarnation wherever he may currently be with many animals forming a protective border around him. Some of these animals once thrived in the nature surrounding my home many years ago when native americans coexisted with and respected animals and nature. IF things continue as planned, deer could share the same fate as the moose, beer, fox, wolves, coyotes and most wild animals living around suburban New England. Below the deer, Angels, Native Americans, positive spirits and even my dog Shelby, are present to protect and strengthen ALL the Animals. We need to appreciate that Animals are a special miracle of Life that deserve to live in Peace. I often use the tarot for guidance and am always impressed. I have recently been incorporating the tarot into my paintings. Five cards were drawn during this difficult time. The Ace of Wands in the Center advises me to use my Gift of Art and Creativity in order to be the Voice for the Animals, right Now.  I am looking forward to revealing the rest of the cards and explaining their significance in the future when this painting is complete. It will be soon found on 

                    This photo was taken one random night after work, when a deer was walking along the side of a local street. The deer gladly accepted some gentle petting, to the astonishment of those driving by.