American Trump

The NOBLE Peace Prize


American Trump

the NOBLE Peace Prize

This Artwork is not just a drawing, it is the Noble Peace prize, and i award it to President Donald J. Trump. Never has anyone come forth through tougher circumstances, and accomplished so much in such little time. His intentions are clearly visible as he often claims that he wants to restore sovereignty to the People of All Nations.

In order to get to this point, he had to take on those who wish to control the world through a globalization agenda. This EVIL agenda has been building for over 100 years, and has taken many forms as it infiltrated America by way of corporations and corruption. Donald Trump, and the Military of America, as well as the Free thinking Truth Loving Citizens of the United States, stood in defiance of this corporate takeover of Our Culture, Land, Resources, Government, and so much more. Even the ARTS were compromised in order to minimize the positive benefits of Music and ART on the people. The media have been relentless in their push of a Satanist agenda that wishes to rid the world of God, Creativity, and Freedom while inverting Our Nature.

Trump faced this evil head on, without Fear in pursuit of Worldwide Peace and prosperity for We the People.. everywhere.

Sir Alfred Nobel would want his Peace prize to be awarded to President Donald Trump. Sadly, his corporation appears to have been corrupted, clearly against his wishes. For former presiDONT Obama to have received an award, as he waged war in more countries than any president, dropped a record number of bombs, droned innocent people at funerals and weddings, and completely intended to sabotage the future of America and the world... is appalling.

Obama stated that he wanted to and was very close to going to war with North Korea. Our government for over 60 years had been on the brink of war with North Korea. Trump talked and created Peace within months. This and countless other examples based in Truth, clearly show his positive intentions, and how much more worthy he is to receive such an Honor.

In case the Nobel organization doesn’t correct itself and live up to it’s name..

We wish to Offer this Original Artwork to the TRUMP family.

We will try to contact you all, but if someone finds this and knows how to get it to the Trumps. Let us know. We would Love to award Trump with the NOBLE Peace Prize from two artists beyond the political spectrum, just like President Donald J. Trump :)

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