My intentions for this drawing extend to every atom of OUR World.. To EVERY single Human Being and eARThling who is fortunate enough to dwell in this miraculous wonderland of infinite beauty.. which to another HUMAN of different circumstance could mean a nightmare life of war, poverty, famine, disease... 
EVERY one of US was born and immediately granted the blessing of LIFE...
WE are ALL born PERFECT.
We ALL Deserve to Live in PEACE.
It is a Right Granted to US by Divinity
and NO other HUMAN is born with the desire or permission to Remove those Rights from Another.. 
I Want this ART to serve as a GLOBAL reset.
The Past is USELESS...
FROM NOW ON.... there is NO Hate. 
We are ALL of the same eARTh-b0rn Family.
We have surpassed enemies and even Friends... We are FAMILY. 
We finally have a chance to Unite, for the Good of OUR World..
The Air, The Sea, The Land, The Animals, NEED OUR HELP.
We OWE every instant of OUR lives, to these miracles..
They deserve OUR respect and admiration, they too are Family. 
When we all KNOW this, WE will unlock the true potential of eARTh and Life
and EVERYONE will be in full realization of OUR infinitely interconnected global LOVE for One Another...
Every Skin Color... Every Belief.. Every Being.. is an equal part of this RENAISSANCE.
a PEACE of eARTh ... for the Renaissance of OUR World
24x24 inches of INK and heART
drawn December 3rd to December 13th, 2016 in 3400 minutes... (plus 20+ hours of prep and research)

SUMMARY of the ART... (Country List in Order is coming soon)
250 Flags of countries, territories, islands and Peoples of OUR World... Over 70 symbols of World Religions, Spiritual Paths, and the Sacred found throughout the UNiVERSE. All on a PEACE sign SUN behind a MAP of eARTh with a Universal Being of Light and Potential embracing ALL of the Wonders of Culture, Mystery, the Eternal and more that this PERFECT space has to offer. With HEART at the very center.  A Call for UNIVERSAL PEACE and an immediate Global Renaissance of ART, Culture, Good Health, and Prosperity for ALL.

NOW AVAILABLE WITH Q included in the Central SYMBOLS


The 2020 Q Version

The Q symbol from

Qnited We Stand

is now located where the MALE symbol Arrow points